Ophiuchus- Nov.29th-Dec,17th - 13th Zodiac Sign

Pronownced (Oh-Fee-You Kuss) - Also Known As - Serpentarian

So you found out you're not a Sagittarius and you might not believe it.

Have Any Of These Personality Traits?

  • Clever, and creative?
  • Honest?
  • Intellectual ?
  • Emotional and intuitive?
  • Passionate?
  • Powerful in mind & spirit?
  • Find it hard to commit to lovers?
  • Jealous?
These are just a few traits of the Serpentariun.

Through exstencive research and surveying Sagittarians born,between Nov.29th & Dec 17th. We have come up with a list of the most related common personality traits and have produced these results.


The Snake Handler


Ophiuchus (Serpentariun) Star Constilation


The Snake Nebula in Ophiuchus

More To Come!