Personality Traits Of The Serpentarian (Ophiuchus)

  • prone to change
  • instinctual and impulsive
  • jovial, good humored
  • honest
  • intellectual
  • emotional and intuitive
  • passionate
  • powerful
  • hard to commit to lovers
  • jealous
  • overly critical of things disliked
  • cordial
  • clever, and creative
  • curious
  • exciting and magnetic
  • irresponsible and restless
  • have penetrating eyes
  • able to tell people what they want/like to hear
  • passion for justice
  • imaginative
  • master of the written/spoken word
  • procrastinator
  • passionate lover
  • like unlimited freedom
  • unusual ideas, and flirting
  • dislike surface information
  • being taken advantage of, demeaning work
  • like hidden causes, truth, involvement, persuasion, and being the undisputed best at something
  • dislike disapproval, being safe/secure/confined, administrative details, and having my honesty doubted
  • violent temper
  • require praise
  • defensive
  • sexual magnetism
  • rebellious
  •  sarcastic
  • tendency to discard friends when not 'useful'
  • secretive
  • belong to multiple groups of friends
  • unable to be 'labeled'

Other Key Words Describing Serpentarians;List Updated Daily.

serpent holder, lofty ideals

a seeker of peace and harmony,doctor of medicine or science,natural pathic

adds, increases, joins, or gathers together poetical, inventive nature, expanding qualities,

seeks higher education and wisdom

overseer, supervisor of work,

fame - either Famous,Infamous or completely misunderstood,

longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man,

architect, builder, reaches for the stars, figuratively and literally,

tax assessor, or levys taxes,

astrological talents, intuitive,

large family indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young,

the number twelve holds great significance,

foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times,

has secret enemies in family or close associations, many jealous of this subject,

notable father, apple of father's eye when young,

high position in life expected [depending on aspects] highest fame and legend comes after death feelings of granular, wise, genius mentality,

likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors

receives the favor of those in authority.

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